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Upcoming Events

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Sunday Talk Series:

  • February 23  “Walking with Others”
  • March 29  Rev Greg Dorst as Guest Speaker


Events and Activities

  • Saturday, Feb 8   8:30 a.m. - Women’s Retreat
  • Saturday, Feb 15 9:30 a.m. - Practitioner Meeting
  •                   &  6:00 p.m.   Movie Night - “Wouldn’t You Be My Neighbor?” ($25 Love Offering)
  • Sunday Feb 23  1:00  p.m “No Mud, No Lotus” workshop (Love Offering $25) 
  • Sunday, March 1 Purchase SCRIP

  •                          pick up Sweet & Savory orders  

  • Sunday, March 8, Daylight Savings Time Begins

  • Sunday, March 8  1:15pm, Swing Dancing Class with Charlie. Love offering for utilities.

  • Saturday, March 7 put Harmony Hall in order after election

  • Sunday, March 8  Pick up SCRIP

  • Sunday, March 15   St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon

    Great food and music by Looney’s Fortune. Love offering.


    • Saturday, March 21, 10am –4pm , workshop “Spiritual Tools” presented by Sanctuary for Spiritual Living Practitioners

    •  Sunday, March 22   1:15p.m. Anton Mizerak & Laura  Berryhill in Concert. 

    •  Sunday, March 29, Rev. Greg Dorst Guest Speaker
    •  Sunday, March 29   1:15pm   Swing Dancing Class with Charlie. Love offering for utilities.
    • Friday, Feb 28  6:30 pm - Board of Trustees Meeting

Thai Chi Classes every Wed at 6:00 pm

with Master Dan Layne


Open at the Top" service at 7:00 pm

We help one another to see Life’s “big picture” and to allow God to fully embrace our lives for true health, happiness and well-being.

A Wednesday meeting place where Rev. Greg Dorst JD, CADC II brings people together to experience the Science of Mind in everyday life.

Rev. Greg says, “We all have our issues in life, our ups and downs. Let’s use the greatest set of spiritual tools known to humankind, literally given to use by Ernest Holmes and the mystics, to apply to our real-world situations. How you make these ideas ‘work’ in your life is the challenge. To learn about our philosophy is one thing, to LIVE it is another.”

Connect with Rev. Greg on Twitter Top @g_dorst

Visit Rev. Greg's You Tube VLogs

    Our Church family opens its arms to you!

    If you are here for the first time, we hope your visit will give you a sense of what our community is about. We are people from all walks of life, joined by a common belief in the Eternal Presence we call God, who created a perfect universe with love. We embrace Life as a gift to be appreciated to its fullest. We accept all humanity in the conviction that we are all one in creation.

    This website is intended to provide basic information on who we are, what we believe in, and how we put it in daily practice. If you live in Southern California, come and spend some time with us. If you are visiting our region, stop by to take a respite from your travels. You will find our welcome as warm as our weather.

    For those of you who are already familiar with our Church, welcome back. This website is published to give you up to date information on the many activities taking place every month. You can hear about the people you know and love, and schedule to visit us on special occasions, or every Sunday. Either way, a loving SOM hug awaits you!

    Please take a look at a schedule of our events and classes, go to the SSL Church Calendar Page.

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