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Upcoming Events

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“Speaking of Love”  Sunday Talk Series

with Rev. Dr. Kristina Collins

  • 9/1 “A Labor of Love” with Music by Mary Ekler
  • 9/8 “Love Is All Around Us” with Music by Mary Ekler
  • 9/15 “Embracing Love” with Music by Mary Ekler
  • 9/22 “The Power of Love” with Music by Mary Ekler
  • 9/29 Guest Speaker (To Be Announced) with Music by Mitch Kaplan

    Events and Activities:

      • Sun, Sept 1  12:30 pm  Labor Day BBQ
      • Sun, 9/8 1 pm Halloween Committee Meeting

                                SCRIP Gift Card Pick-up

      • Sat, Sept 14  2 pm  Evita starring Christy Cohen

      • Sun, Sep 15 2 pm  Bob Grigsby Memorial Service

                                 Sweet & Savory Orders Due

      • Fri, Sept 20  6:30 pm  Board of Trustees Meeting

      • Sat, Sept 21  9:30 am Practitioners Meeting: potluck breakfast

      • Sun, Sept 22  Sweet & Savory Order Pick-up

      • Sun, Oct 20th  1 pm  Annual Membership Meeting

      Thai Chi Classes every Wed at 6:00 pm, before "A New Design for Living" service


      SSL's annual meeting

      Sunday, October 20 at 1:00 pm. 

      Two board of trustee positions will be open for election.  If you are interested in serving on the board of trustees, please contact Rev. Dr. Kristina Collins, Peggy Huber, Board Trustee, or Monica Gump, RScP.

      Rules for board participation and voting eligibility:

      • Must be a current and active SSL member (have filled out the blue membership card - available at reception desk)
      • Regularly attend services

      • Contribute financially in an identifiable manner (fill out the Sunday Giving Envelope information, give via check or give electronically)

      Sanctuary Roof

      We have completed the current work needed on the roof over Harmony Hall, and a small amount is still owed to the roofing company. 

      Our next project will be the flat roof, which is in very bad condition.  The bid for this work is $7,500.  This is slightly more than anticipated due to a higher grade of shingle required by the county.  The good news is that the higher quality material should be more energy efficient and will balance out by reducing air conditioning costs.

      See photos and documentation in the church lobby.

      Abundance and the Law of Circulation at work!

        Our Church family opens its arms to you!

        If you are here for the first time, we hope your visit will give you a sense of what our community is about. We are people from all walks of life, joined by a common belief in the Eternal Presence we call God, who created a perfect universe with love. We embrace Life as a gift to be appreciated to its fullest. We accept all humanity in the conviction that we are all one in creation.

        This website is intended to provide basic information on who we are, what we believe in, and how we put it in daily practice. If you live in Southern California, come and spend some time with us. If you are visiting our region, stop by to take a respite from your travels. You will find our welcome as warm as our weather.

        For those of you who are already familiar with our Church, welcome back. This website is published to give you up to date information on the many activities taking place every month. You can hear about the people you know and love, and schedule to visit us on special occasions, or every Sunday. Either way, a loving SOM hug awaits you!

        Please take a look at a schedule of our events and classes, go to the SSL Church Calendar Page.

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